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Corporate Social Responsibility considerations are fundamental to all activities in which we engage.  Our obligations extend to our employees, our contractors and customers.. 

- J2 Licensing has been a member of the Fair Labor Association for over 15 years.

- We require compliance with our Code of Conduct both internally, and with organizations that we partner with to produce our products. 



J2 LICENSING Workplace Code of Conduct

J2 Licensing is committed to conducting our business affairs in a socially responsible and ethical manner and preserving the global environment.  The Company will require the same from all suppliers, both domestic and foreign.   The Company will comply with all applicable legal requirements of the countries and communities where we conduct business. Furthermore, J2 Licensing will operate with complete transparency and ensure all Licensors have complete and accurate information about all manufacturing locations within our supply chain.  Worker’s rights will be governed by the following standards:


FULL PUBLIC DISCLOSURE:  J2 Licensing will disclose to any Collegiate Institution or its designee for which J2 holds a license the location of each factory (including factory name, contact name, address, phone number, e-mail address, products produced, and the nature of the business association) used in the production of all items which bear Licensed Indicia.  This information will be updated upon change of any factory site location, and the Collegiate Institution may disclose this information to third parties without restriction as to its further distribution.


LEGAL COMPLIANCE:  J2 Licensing, and its suppliers, will comply with all applicable legal requirements of the country(ies) of manufacture.  Where there are differences or conflicts with the Code and the laws of the country(ies) of manufacture, the higher standard shall prevail.  J2 Licensing will refrain from any actions that would diminish the protections of applicable labor standards.


EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIP:  J2 Licensing is committed to creating an employment environment where workers are respected. The rights of all employees under all local, state, federal and international laws and regulations are guaranteed.  


NONDISCRIMINATION:  J2 Licensing will not subject any employee to any discrimination in employment, including hiring, compensation, advancement, benefits, discipline, termination or retirement, on the basis of gender, race, marital status, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, social group or ethnic origin.


HARASSMENT OR ABUSE:  Every employee, including the employees of our customers and vendors shall be treated with respect and dignity.  No employee shall be subject to any physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse.  Corporal Punishment is strictly forbidden throughout our supply chain.


FORCED LABOR:  J2 Licensing does not condone the use of forced labor, including prison labor, indentured labor, bonded labor or other forms of forced labor.  J2 Licensing will not purchase materials that are produced using forced labor.


CHILD LABOR:  J2 Licensing will not employ any person under the age of 15 or under the age for completion of compulsory education, whichever is higher. J2 Licensing will consult with governmental, human rights and nongovernmental organizations, to take reasonable steps to minimize the negative impact on children released from employment as a result of the implementation of this code, as evaluated by CLC and applicable collegiate institutions.


FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION AND COLLECTIVE BARGAINING:  J2 Licensing recognizes and respects employee’s rights of freedom of association and collective bargaining.  No employee shall be subject to harassment, intimidation or retaliation for her/his efforts to freely associate or bargain collectively.  J2 will allow union organizers access to employees and will recognize the union of the employee’s choice.


HEALTH, SAFETY, AND ENVIRONMENT:  J2 Licensing will provide a safe and healthy workplace with the goal of preventing accidents and injury to employees and preserving the environment. Workplace operations are designed to protect the health and safety of employees from any injury arising out of, linked with, or occurring in the course of work or as a result of the operation of employers’ facilities. J2 Licensing will comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the effects of its operations on the environment and take all reasonable steps to minimize adverse effects.


Hours of WorkA regular work week shall not exceed the lesser of (a) 48 hours, or (b) the standard limit established by the country of manufacture. The J2 Licensing regular work week is 40 hours.  The “regular work week” shall be defined as the number of hours an hourly and/or quota-based wage employee may spend doing work for his or her employer without being entitled to overtime pay.  Other than in exceptional circumstances, the sum of regular and overtime hours in a week shall not exceed 60 hours.  Exceptional circumstances are defined as events or circumstances which substantially disrupt production and which are out of the control of the employer, such as earthquakes, floods, fires, national emergencies, force majeure, or periods of prolonged political instability.  Peak production periods do not qualify as exceptional circumstances in determining acceptable hours of work.  Every employee will be entitled to one day off in each seven day period, and “one day” is defined as 24 consecutive hours.


Compensation:  Workers have a right to compensation that provides for their basic needs and provides some discretionary income.  In accordance with this goal J2 Licensing, to the extent practicable, will compensate its workforce at or above the prevailing living wage.  In instances where the net compensation does not meet workers’ basic needs and provide some discretionary income, the company will take appropriate action to progressively realize a level of compensation that does.  In all cases, the rate of compensation will meet the minimum required by local law, or the local prevailing industry wage, whichever is higher, in addition to lawfully mandated benefits.


In addition to compensation for regular hours of work, hourly and/or quota-based wage employees shall be compensated for overtime hours at such a premium rate as is legally required in the country of manufacture, or, in those countries where such laws do not exist, at the Internationally Recognized Overtime Rate, which establishes such rate as no less than one-and-a-quarter times the regular rate.  For employees of J2 Licensing, overtime is voluntary for the employee, and will be compensated at a rate of one and one half times the employee’s regular hourly rate.


Womens Rights: Where law does not already guarantee such rights, women will receive equal treatment, compensation and opportunities and will not be subject to any discrimination based on their gender. Female workers shall have the same work opportunities as men, without arbitrary restriction on the types of jobs or special limits on hours of work.


No criteria related to marital or reproductive status will be used as conditions of employment.  Women who take maternity leave will not be dismissed or face any threat to their employment status. Neither pregnancy tests, the use of contraception nor fertility status will be a condition of employment.  The company will take no action to interfere with the reproductive freedom or health of workers.  New mothers will be entitled to leaves of absences (with the right to return to work) for childbirth and recovery from childbirth.



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